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dovecot-1.2-sieve Dovecot v1.2 Sieve implementation 2013-09-16
dovecot-1.0-managesieve-patch Dovecot 1.0 ManageSieve patch 2008-11-17
dovecot-1.1-managesieve Dovecot 1.1 ManageSieve implementation 2011-02-17
dovecot-1.2-managesieve Dovecot 1.2 ManageSieve implementation 2014-05-08
dovecot-1.1-managesieve-patch Dovecot 1.1 ManageSieve patch 2014-05-08
dovecot-1.2-managesieve-patch Dovecot 1.2 ManageSieve patch 2011-05-19
dovecot-2.0-pigeonhole Dovecot v2.0 Pigeonhole 2013-09-26
dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole Dovecot v2.1 Pigeonhole 2013-11-11
dovecot-2.2-pigeonhole Dovecot v2.2 Pigeonhole - OBSOLETE - moved to Github 2016-01-08
pigeonhole-sieve-extdata Pigeonhole v0.1 Sieve Extdata Plugin 2010-01-13
pigeonhole-enotify-xmpp Pigeonhole Sieve Enotify/XMPP Plugin 2010-07-15
pigeonhole-0.2-sieve-extdata Pigeonhole v0.2 Sieve Extdata Plugin 2011-06-26
pigeonhole-0.2-sieve-pipe Sieve Pipe plugin for Pigeonhole 0.2.x 2011-09-13
pigeonhole-0.2-dovecot-2.1-patches Dovecot v2.1 Pigeonhole v0.2 Patches (obsolete) 2011-10-05
pigeonhole-0.3-patches Dovecot v2.1 Pigeonhole v0.3 Patches 2012-01-28
pigeonhole-0.3-sieve-extdata Sieve Extdata plugin for Pigeonhole 0.3.x 2012-12-16
pigeonhole-0.3-sieve-extprograms Sieve Extprograms plugin for Pigeonhole 0.3.x 2012-12-16
pigeonhole-0.3-sieve-duplicate Sieve Duplicate plugin for Pigeonhole 0.3.x 2012-02-25
pigeonhole-0.4-sieve-extdata Sieve Extdata plugin for Pigeonhole 0.4.x 2015-08-06
pigeonhole-0.4-sieve-extprograms Sieve Extprograms plugin for Pigeonhole 0.4.x 2013-02-25
pigeonhole-0.4-patches Dovecot v2.2 Pigeonhole v0.4 Patches - OBSOLETE - Moved to GitHub 2016-01-08
dovecot-2.1-patches Dovecot v2.1 Patches 2012-01-27
dovecot-2.2-patches Dovecot v2.2 Patches - OBSOLETE - Moved to GitHub 2015-12-08
dovecot-2.2-patches.domaindb Dovecot v2.2 Patches [DomainDB] 2015-03-11
munin-dhcp Munin plugin for monitoring ISC dhcpd pool saturation 2011-04-20
munin-dhcp-debian Debian packaging skeleton for munin-dhcp 2011-04-20